Northwest Independent Scholars Association

Next Meeting

WEDNESDAY,  MARCH 29, 2023 at 7:30 PM 

JANE ELDER WULFF will speak on:


"ALL IN GOOD TIME: How a community’s life story, long disregarded, is now being heard"


 In 1967, Jane Elder Wulff was awarded the first combined M.A. degree in English and Creative Writing ever offered at Washington State University, thus serving to pioneer a program that has since produced many well-known writers. Jane joined the English faculty at Clark College in Vancouver, but left academia two years later to pursue a writing career, helping a wide range of clients tell their stories to support her own life’s work in fiction and nonfiction. She worked with Vancouver’s historic Black community to get their collective memories into print, and is now completing a history of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra to celebrate its 45th season, along with several substantial projects of her own. From the start, her life’s mission has been twofold: to raise lost voices, and to build healthy communities in the face of change.












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